“Your chance of winning Bunco is 1:12. In the U.S., the chance of a woman being diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in her lifetime is about 1 in 8.”
(source of statistic: The American Cancer Society)

How to Play

To Play Bunco for Breast Cancer you will need:

12 players
3 tables with 4 people at each table.
3 dice, 2 score sheets and 2 pencils for each table
a bell to signal the beginning of each round

The object of the game is to accumulate the most “Wins” or “Buncos”.

Divided into three tables of four players. the two players sitting opposite each other are ‘partners’.  The player whose birthday is closest to January 1st,  begins rolling and continues to roll as long as her roll receives a score. 

When a player's roll does not result in a score,  she relinquishes the dice to the player on her right (not her partner).  Play continues until the round is called to an end. There are a total of six rounds in a game.

The score is tallied as follows:

A player receives one point if she roll one of the desired numbers in the round (eg: one “one” in round one).

A player receives two points if she rolls two of the desired numbers in the round (eg: two “twos” in round two).

A  player scores five points if she rolls three of a kind other than the number of the round (eg: three “fours” in round six).

A player scores 21 points when she rolls a Bunco*.  When a player rolls a Bunco they must call out ‘Bunco’ and add 21 points to their team score, one point to her individual score. The scorekeeper rings the bell to announce the end of the round for all tables (who may finish their turn and tally up their scores). The team with the highest score at each table wins the round.

*A “Bunco” occurs when a player rolls three of the desired number for the round, e.g.: three threes in round three, or three sixes in round six.
At the end of each round each player should mark a “Win” or “Loss” on their score sheet to indicate whether they won or lost that round.  Individual points (including any Buncos rolled) are added to their partner's  points to determine the winning team at each table. 

Note: If the two teams are tied, break the tie by rolling a single die.

The winning teams stays at the "Head" table.  The losing team from the "Head" table goes down to Table 2  and the winning team from Table 3 goes to Table 2. The losing team from Table 2 goes to Table 3 and the losing team from Table 3 stays at the table with players moving over one chair so they will have different partners.

The game ends when all 6 sets have been played.

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