“Your chance of winning Bunco is 1:12. In the U.S., the chance of a woman being diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in her lifetime is about 1 in 8.”
(source of statistic: The American Cancer Society)

News & Events

Meet the people who make Bunco For Breast Cancer such an amazing success by organizing their own events!

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Other groups are continuing to raise significant funds for breast cancer research.

  • Brenda Young and the Tempe, AZ groupheld their 8th Annual tournament on April 1, 2012, raising over $14,000. Click on Tempe's page (above left)  to learn more and see photos.
  • Jeanne Fitzner and her group in Westmont, IL raised more than $24,500 at their March 2012 event, the highest yield since they started.   
  • Moira Grimes and her Central New York State group  raised $16,700 in their 6th annual event in March 2012.
  • Sue Stonehouse and Pam MacAllum raised another $25,000 at their third anual event in Santa Rosa Valley, CA, for a total to date of $75,000. 
  • CasaBlanca Resort in Mesquite, NV, have confirmed their 4th annual "Bunco or Bust" event for October 6, 2012. 


 If you recently held a Bunco For Breast Cancer event and would like to share your story and post your event photos, go to our helpful tools menu and click on organizer questionnaire or flickr photo upload (follow the upload instructions and send the final URL to coordinator@buncoforbreastcancer.org.)

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